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Technology overview

Drillbench Dynamic Drilling Simulation Software

Successfully drilling challenging wells requires an in-depth understanding of the hydraulics during all phases of the operation. The drilling process is highly dynamic and complicated to model; thus, much of the dynamics have traditionally been neglected. However, with diminishing operational margins, the impact of dynamic effects is growing. Coupled with increasing well construction costs, modeling the dynamics becomes essential and strategically important.

Simulations performed in Drillbench dynamic drilling simulation software are key feature to replicate a real drilling operation and provide accuracy not possible with simpler steady-state models. Drillbench software provides a user-friendly tool that targets all drilling engineers involved in challenging wells. The software is built around the well-control workflow, covering pressure control, well control, and blowout control.


Recent enhancements

  • New styling and new features

  • Unparalleled power with new engine

    • Transient temperature

    • Full compositional tracking

    • Advanced PVT modeling

    • Fully transient including acceleration effects

  • Connected

    • Obtain a step-change in efficiency by connecting to the DrillPlan well construction planning solution

  • Cloud enabled

    • Available on cloud through the Delfi digital platform

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