When streams from multiple fields are mixed, it is difficult to determine the proportion of each contributing stream to the final sale point on the basis of full streams alone. In Avocet platform component allocation, oil and gas streams are split into alkane composition fractions such as methane, ethane, and Butane, and allocation is conducted for individual components. Component allocation is essential to facilities where commingled streams are processed, typically in offshore environments or at end-of-line terminal plants. In addition to component allocation, the Avocet platform provides energy, volume, and mass allocations.


  • Commingled fields or streams
  • Multiple interest owners producing into the same network. 


  • Flexible and customizable allocation scenarios.
  • Monitor component stream trends over time.
  • Reduced volumetric data errors due to flashing or shrinking.


  • Introduces zero losses from flashing and shrinkage of volumes.
  • Presents flexible and customizable allocation scenarios.
  • Provides flexible fluid analysis options.

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