Avocet platform high-frequency data infrastructure is specially designed to facilitate high-frequency data collection, computation, and setting alarms. By providing transparent access to model results, aggregated sensor data, and high-frequency sources, the Avocet platform enables a powerful range of capabilities.


  • High-frequency real-time field data capture.


  • High availability of data through local storage.
  • Immediate reaction triggered with flexible and smart alarms.
  • Real-time data stream visibility.  


  • Data loader capable of aggregating or copying high-frequency data from a data historian to support flexible deployment options.
  • Continued data loader management of data when the network link between the local cache and a corporate historian is not available.
  • Flexible OPC UA serve.
  • Custom calculations that apply equations with specified inputs and outputs.
  • Alarm triggering with corresponding e-mail notifications when a specified threshold is exceeded or an event occurs.
  • Storage and distribution of high-frequency data, making real-time data available natively within the Avocet platform.
  • Ability to configure and synchronize with a corporate historian for better control of alarm setting, aggregations, notifications, and surveillance.
  • Surface field data reporting and analysis to ensure consistency and correctness.
  • Basic alarm support with corresponding email notifications.
  • Data cleansing to suport data quality for input to computations.
  • Instantaneous rendering.