New Software Release

Symmetry 2022.2 Now Available

Friday, 24 June 2022

Product overview

The Symmetry process software platform helps users model process workflows in a single collaborative environment, while integrating pipelines, pipe networks, facilities models, and flare systems to enable consistent thermodynamics and fluid characterization across the whole system. With the Symmetry platform, users can switch between steady-state and dynamic modeling, optimize processes in upstream, midstream, downstream, and new energy sectors, and maximize the total value of the asset.

The user experience has been improved in the Symmetry platform 2022.2 release and new features have been added to provide deeper insight into day-to-day modeling processes.

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Key features of this release



The Symmetry implementations of the REFPROP thermodynamic models by NIST are now part of the basic Symmetry license. Customers can now access the REFPROP, REFPROP GERG, REFPROP AGA8, and REFPROP PR thermodynamic models when their applications require the reference calculations provided by these models.


Ortho- and para-hydrogen pure component physical properties have been improved and optimized for use in the Advanced Peng-Robinson (APR) family of thermodynamic models. These improvements are relevant for hydrogen process modeling, with the ability to include all species in the flowsheet at once.

Production allocation

The Symmetry process software platform adds a new production allocation tool to the steady-state engine for use in process, pipe, and flare workspaces. Users can easily track the contribution of different sources at any point in the simulation. This tool will help determine the proportion of produced fluids from individual sources when looking at the total production of the entire system.