New Software Release

Kinetix Shale for Petrel 2018.2 Now Available

Product overview

The Kinetix Shale reservoir-centric stimulation-to-production software is a plug-in for the Petrel E&P software platform. It is designed for multistage completion and stimulation design and production evaluation for conventional and unconventional reservoirs.

The Kinetix Shale plug-in consists of two tabs on the Petrel ribbon that are enabled when the Stimulation perspective is selected on the Home tab: Hydraulic fracture design and Hydraulic fracture production.

The Hydraulic fracture design tab contains all the processes related to hydraulic fracture design, including setting up a well, making zones, making completions, creating pump schedules, creating stimulation cases, and others.

The Hydraulic fracture production tab contains all the processes related to hydraulic fracture production, including creating production grids, defining cases, managing scenarios, calibrating history matches, analyzing net present value (NPV), and more.

Release updates

Unconventional fracture model (UFM) improvements

  • The height spikes observed in previous releases have been reduced.

  • Proppant placement and settling in the Stacked height model have been improved.

  • Unexplained stripes in proppant placement have been eliminated

Two new options have been added for the unstructured grid case in the Define production grid process

  • Generate dual porosity properties—When this option is selected, the output unstructured grid has separate folders for Matrix and Fracture properties.

  • Generate stimulated reservoir volume (SRV)—When this option is selected, the output unstructured grid has the new SRV property, which ranks matrix cells based on the number of steps from the nearest fracture cell

In the Workflow editor, a new set of commands for manipulating Kinetix objects has been added. Using these commands, you can modify existing Kinetix objects or create new ones. Manipulations you can perform with these workflows include:

  • Modify existing proposed completions or create new ones

  • Modify existing pumping schedules and treatment designs (stimulation cases), multistage treatment plans (MSTPs), production zone sets, and fracture functions

  • Convert fracture simulation results to Petrel platform discrete fracture networks (DFNs)

  • Numerous others