New Software Release

Schlumberger Licensing Tool 2021.1 Now Available

Thursday, 25 March 2021

The Schlumberger License Tool is a common utility for all Schlumberger software, providing application license control and management.

The release of the Schlumberger Licensing Tool 2021.1 contains security and stability updates, and it is recommended that all users of Schlumberger software upgrade to the Schlumberger Licensing Tool 2021.1. 

Note: This release does not apply to the DELFI cognitive E&P environment, its experiences, and applications.
The Schlumberger License Server 2021.1 is compatible with previous versions of license files and software versions.

Release updates

  • The Schlumberger License Server has been upgraded to Flex

  • The Schlumberger License Server has been upgraded to run on CodeMeter Runtime version 7.20 or greater. 

    • Schlumberger no longer distributes versions of Codemeter Runtime with the Schlumberger License Server. You can download CodeMeter Runtime directly from Wibu Systems.

      Note: The Schlumberger License Server has a dependency on Wibu Systems’ CodeMeter Runtime. Schlumberger has been informed of six common vulnerabilities and exposures (CVEs) related to CodeMeter Runtime version 6.9 and earlier, impacting both Windows and Linux OS. The versions of the Codemeter previously distributed by Schlumberger from the Software Download Center (6.6 and 6.9—Windows and Linux OS) contain these vulnerabilities. As such, all customers with these drivers are recommended to update to version 7.20 or greater where these CVEs have been resolved. Read more.
  • Resolution of maximum connection error in Linux debug log

    • In the 2020.1 version of the Schlumberger License Server, there was edge case behavior where the debug log generated errors, notifying users that the server operated in the excess of 80% of the maximum connections limit. Eventually, the server stopped serving licenses and had to be restarted. This has been resolved with the upgrade to Flex
  • Enhancements to support the combination of multiple license files

  • The Schlumberger Licensing Tool now supports all languages of the Windows OS.

    •  For more details, please refer to the full release notes distributed on the Software Download Center.


Schlumberger Licensing Tool 2021.1 is a release for all Schlumberger customers needing to access licensing for Schlumberger software products.