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New Software Release

GeoX 2020.1 Now Available

Thursday, 16 April 2020

Product overview

GeoX exploration risk, resource, and value assessment software provides scalable, easy-to-use decision support for exploration projects and portfolios. The analytical foundation of the GeoX software is a common stochastic modeling framework that enables you to perform consistent, unbiased, and accurate assessments of your exploration opportunities in any risk scenario. Optimal exploration decisions are provided through a common database, enabling data sharing across projects and disciplines. Effective management of the exploration portfolio is enabled through an integrated value assessment and map-based play-to-prospect assessment workflows.

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Release highlights

GeoX Prospect

  • For evaluating exploration well drill location of an opportunity, it is important understand well chance of success and resources proven by the well. Potential volumes left untested are equally important for this evaluation. The well path results have been extended to display these volumes for better analysis and reporting.
  • Conducting performance tracking of assessment is important for improving and providing guidance on future opportunity assessment. The prospect tool has been extended to allow comparison for multitarget opportunities pre- and postwell assessments. Together with the well path input, this provides a robust solution for comparison of pre- and post-well assessment and basis for better performance tracking.

GeoX Value

  • To ensure efficient communication, the decision trees in full cycle analysis are preserved so that you have the results available directly after loading the analysis.

GeoX Across tools

  • Sharing assessments analysis with other oil and gas companies  or sending these between your internal GeoX software databases may have led to name and identifier conflicts. A new set of import procedures have been implemented to resolve the conflicts that have stopped import when the analyses originated from the database to receive the analyses.

Delivered in the DELFI cognitive E&P environment

In Europe and North America, GeoX 2019.3 is also available in the DELFI environment as part of the Petrotechnical Suite. The DELFI environment is a secure, data-centric, cloud-based environment that unites planning and operations, aimed at making applications and workflows accessible to all users and enabling team members to build common workspaces for data, models, and interpretations while respecting proprietary information boundaries. The GeoX software in the DELFI environment is accessible through a personalized workspace, defined by a named-user profile that always provides the necessary technology, projects, data, computing power, and collaboration space to accomplish jobs with maximum efficiency. For further information, please contact your local Schlumberger account manager.


The product is suitable for geologists and geophysicists, reservoir engineers, economists, explorationists, portfolio analysts, and managers involved in exploration opportunities evaluations.