New Software Release

GeoX 2018 Now Available

Thursday, 05 July 2018

Product details

GeoX exploration risk and resource assessment software provide easy-to-use and scalable decision support for risk, resource and value assessment of exploration projects and portfolios. The analytical foundation of GeoX software is a common stochastic modeling framework that enables you to perform consistent, unbiased, and accurate assessments of your exploration opportunities in exploration environments for any risk scenario. Optimal exploration decisions are provided through a common database, allowing data sharing across projects and disciplines. An effective management of the exploration portfolio is enabled through an integrated value assessment and map-based play-to-prospect assessment workflows.

Release highlights

GeoX Value

Number of Wells by well spacing: for improved modeling of the number of production wells, well spacing has been added as a parameter in the new type well producer, in Well based production activities. Wells are then defined by the productive area in target segments, which captures the reservoir extent, hydrocarbon contact, and structural uncertainty better trial-by-trial.

GeoX Prospect

Well Path Results: to improve the communication of an exploration well and drilling campaigns, the new Well path results has been added. The new option enables you to define one or more exploration well target segments and entry depths, and also display the results for the well chance of success, its associated resource potential proven, and success combination.

    GeoX Spatial Portfolio Reporting ESRI

    The GeoX Spatial Portfolio Reporting Add-In enables efficient and consistent reporting of GeoX data for ESRI ArcGIS.  Polygon outlines can be stored and associated with any assessment and entitlement folders in the GeoX database, and visualized back with map- and feature services. Together, the feature service and GeoX custom view enables you to report GeoX assessment data in a spatial context, which is more accessible. 

    Petrel Exploration Geology 2018.1 has similar functionality to access GeoX database and store outlines to be viewed back from the GeoX database via map services. Together, this new option in Petrel and the new ESRI add-in provides an efficient way to have a consistent spatial exploration portfolio displayed in multiple workflows for easy reporting as well as identification of your opportunities.

    GeoX Across tools

    Improved error dialog box: to provide a more efficient communication of error logs from an unhandled exception, the dialog box has been improved with options to copy the text directly or to direct you to the location of the text file generated.

    Delivered in the DELFI environment

    In Europe and North America, GeoX 2018 is available also in the DELFI cognitive E&P environment as part of the Petrotechnical Suite. The DELFI environment is a secure, data-centric, cloud-based environment that unites planning and operations, aimed at making applications and workflows accessible to all users and enabling team members to build common workspaces for data, models, and interpretations while respecting proprietary information boundaries. GeoX in DELFI is accessible through a personalized workspace, defined by a named-user profile that always provides the necessary technology, projects, data, computing power, and collaboration space to accomplish jobs with maximum efficiency. For further information please contact your local Schlumberger account manager.