New Software Release

Flaresim 6.0 Now Available

Thursday, 20 February 2020

Product overview

Flaresim flare systems design and analysis software  is the industry standard flare simulation and design application. Designed by professional engineers, for professional engineers, it models thermal radiation and noise footprints generated by flare systems for offshore platforms, gas plants, refineries, and chemical plants and predicts the temperature of exposed surfaces within range.

The application can analyze installations of any complexity, with unlimited multiple flare tips on multiple vertical, horizontal, or inclined flare stacks. Users can model pipe flares, sonic flare,s and liquid burners using a range of algorithms. They can also enter and report data in units of their choice and convert data to other units at any time.

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Release updates

Flaresim 6.0 supports the FLEXlm licensing system shared by other Schlumberger applications.
Flaresim 6.0 is a new major release incorporating new features and improvements from previous versions. Some of the key new features are listed below.

  • Symmetry Thermo now integrated for state-of-the-art, rigorous fluid property calculations (more than 20,000 components and 70+ property methods)
  • Seamless integration into the flare and relief system model in the Symmetry Flare workspace
    • Stack design based on flame constraints, including thermal radiation, noise, and exposed surface temperature
    • Flame details exposed in the Flare Tip unit operation
    • Stack sizing to meet radiation limits at multiple receptor points
    • Scenario manager tracks radiation constraints when Flaresim software is enabled
    • Support importing and exporting Flaresim software files (.fsw/.fsz)
    • Full flame model capabilities are kept when a Flaresim software file is imported
  • Advanced modelling capabilities continue to be available, including:
    • Multiple stacks and multiple flare tips per stack
    • Gas dispersion models (un-combusted gas and combustion products)
    • Purge gas calculations
    • Assist fluids
    • Shielding effects
    • Wind rose definition
    • Isopleth graphic reports
    • Dynamic calculations for verifying flare flow with time