Modeling to understand and assess risk

Petroleum systems modeling is a vital component of exploration risk assessment—from basin to prospect. The challenges include modeling structurally complex, tectonically active basins; understanding prospect-scale charge in areas with multiple charge events; understanding basin-scale geomechanics and seal integrity; and conducting detailed fluid simulations in unconventional plays.

Integrating expertise with technology for modeling your challenges

Our expertise in petroleum systems modeling originates from IES, which was acquired by Schlumberger in 2008. The combination of IES expertise with Schlumberger technology enables our customers to more confidently estimate undiscovered hydrocarbons and to mitigate risk in exploration prospects.

This integrated offering is enabled by our petroleum systems modeling technology consulting team, who provide consulting services to assist you in solving petroleum systems modeling challenges using Schlumberger software.

Our experienced, expert technology consulting team offers training and consulting using PetroMod petroleum systems modeling software as well as the Petrel Exploration Geology module. Team members can also apply Igeoss structural geology software for structural restoration to support advanced workflows. 

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