VISTA IVA is a powerful, highly interactive velocity analysis application for 2D and 3D seismic data that brings versatility and efficiency to the velocity analysis workflow in the time domain. It provides multiple options for the robust analysis of velocity and eta, with various moveout methods available for isotropic and anisotropic media.

Users of the app can easily create and adjust input datasets without leaving the application. Sophisticated QC tools enable efficient validation of velocity models using visual 3D displays, including real-time brute stack updates.

VISTA IVA enables users to efficiently manage multiple 2D lines and transfer velocity and eta picks from one 2D line to another at intersection points. 



  • Integration with both the Omega geophysical data processing platform and VISTA desktop seismic data processing software

  • “On the fly” calculations of semblance, supergather, and dynamic stacks

  • Versatile manual and automatic picking options

  • Advanced eta analysis for anisotropic mediums

  • Velocity flooding for copying velocity values from sparse to dense spatial sampling or from the current location to a larger region

  • Intuitive survey basemap attribute QC

  • 3D view capabilities for easy, intuitive scanning through vertical slices (in- and crossline), time slices, and horizons

  • Flexible mute overlays (user-defined mute, normal moveout [NMO] stretch mute, angle mute)

  • Autopicking and ability to differentiate between the manual and edit velocities in the Basemap Window

  • Capability for bulk pick modifications in user-defined map regions

  • Multiple moveout methods for both isotropic and anisotropic environments

  • Horizon-based options and handling of multiple horizons