Reservoir Engineering

Realizing value from the significant investment made in the acquisition of data—especially core data—is a common challenge for many reservoir engineers. The value of core data is only realized when all related data acquired from the core samples is included in the analysis (e.g., historical data from different vintages, different vendors, and different experimental procedures).

Bring all your wellbore data together

Capabilities for handling regular and special core analysis (SCAL) data through direct loading or a connection to a database (e.g., CoreDB), make Techlog wellbore software the ideal environment to bring all of these data together for calibration and interpretation alongside wireline and LWD data.

Capillary pressure data can be transformed into capillary pressure models in Techlog wellbore software using a variety of mathematical functions and fit models and then applied to log data—either single- or multiwell cases. Water saturation derived from saturation-height functions provides independent validation of the water-saturation results from the conventional log analysis, allowing verification of the assumptions in the water-saturation calculations during initial stages of field development.

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