Techlog production is a complete well evaluation platform, combining data from open- and cased hole including pulsed neutron logs, well integrity, and multiphase production logging.

Techlog Production Logging

Techlog production logging provides a comprehensive set of workflows for processing and interpreting multiphase production logging data including advanced array tools. The workflows cover data visualization and QC, spinner calibration, and inversion to downhole flow rates by applying science from the Olga dynamic multiphase flow simulator. This flexible approach allows users to tailor workflows to the input data available to create answers that integrate directly into other workflows and other platforms as required.

Techlog Wellbore Integrity

Reprocessing, visualizing, and interpreting log data provide greater insight to assessing the condition of the wellbore. Techlog wellbore integrity has built-in workflows for evaluating the integrity of downhole tubulars and the condition of the annular space to support informed decision making. 

Techlog Cased Hole

Techlog cased hole provides tools to process and interpret pulsed neutron logs in a cased hole environment. The workflows include sigma and carbon/oxygen for evaluating reservoir saturation. The facilitated processing of three-phase holdup log data provides critical input to production logging interpretation.

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Tailor Workflows for Integrated Understanding

Easy-to-use workflows, automation, powerful data visualization, and the science behind the OLGA simulator make the Techlog platform key for powerful, thorough production logging interpretation.

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Accurate Production Logging at Any Well Inclination

The maneuverable arm of the Flow Scanner horizontal and deviated well production logging system deploys multiple sensors to measure flow along the vertical axis of the well, whatever its inclination.

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