Techlog Python editor, combined with libraries, permits access to:

  • All Techlog data objects (e.g., wells, datasets, curves, and properties).
  • Mathematical and statistical routines.
  • Petrophysical calculations (e.g., shale, porosity, and saturation equations).
  • Plot objects (e.g., access a predefined template or create a new template within a Python script).

Python provides a wide range of features, including the use of scripts to access previously compiled code from languages such as C++ and Fortran. A range of additional tools and library functions is also available via the Python community.

Using Python

Many tasks can be accomplished using the large number of ready-made scripts. These can be used as complete, functioning scripts, or adapted for a specific task. Scripts can be run on a standalone basis directly from the Python editor, or be used to access other scripts as sub-routines. Scripts can also be incorporated into Quanti workflows and thus be applicable over many wells and data interval ranges, without the need for data access or housekeeping code.