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We are happy to announce the 2019 release of the Studio E&P knowledge platform. The Studio platform includes apps and tools that deliver secured, trustable, scalable, and performant storage of workflow data within your petrotechnical platform of choice. Studio 2019.1 provides new technologies and tools to help you when talking to customers.

Release highlights

Governance & Management

Studio 2019.1 offers you a new and simple way to view repository statistics, content, and more.

View active users
Starting with Studio 2019.1, the Database Users Widget will only show users who are actively logged into the database. When connected to a repository, the list will update to show only those users logged into the repository.

Transfer repository filters
Repository filters can be sent or retrieved between repositories using the Filters App in Studio Manager or the Manage Filters Tool in the Petrel platform via the new Share Icon.

Display quality attributes
Improve data management by displaying quality attributes in the Techlog wellbore software platform project browser.

Create managed projects
Starting with Studio 2019.1, if no matching frame of reference is found, a managed project can be created directly from the Petrel platform using the Studio Transfer Tool.

Align with customer standard
Privileges in the Studio Service Account are minimized to align with client security standards. 

Access & Awareness

The Studio 2019.1 apps and mechanisms connect users and pull and integrate data from anywhere.

Improve transfer performance
Studio 2019.1 improves transfer performance across workflows with a focus on wells for both Studio 2019.1 for Petrel and Studio 2019.1 for Techlog.

Shareability & Enrichment

Share workflow data within your petrotechnical platform of choice with multiple users within your organization or in third-party applications and workflows.

Studio web services
The Studio 2019.1 server leverages the OpenAPI Specification for our APIs to machine-to-machine communication, specifically for transferring machine-readable file formats such as XML and JSON. This feature deploys on top of your Studio 2019.1 for Petrel implementation.

Data analytics in Subsurface
Studio 2019.1 includes tools for statistics and repository reporting and provides a better understanding of the Studio platform life cycle.

By leveraging Studio Webserver for Petrel 2019.1, the Petrel platform project data can use any Business Intelligence or Data Analytics Tool to provide user-specific data, whether for data analysts or data scientists.

A technology preview connector to a Business Intelligence or Data Analytics Tool is implemented. With this connector, you can make Studio 2019.1 for Techlog available as a source for the Business Intelligence or Data Analytics Tool of choice to start building reports and statistics.

Tabular views of Studio objects
With the new Studio 2019.1 web server installed and connection details added, you can launch details from the data table and see tabular views of any data type which has bulk data in the Studio platform.