The ProSource system includes full-featured capabilities for seismic data management using the open Seabed E&P datastore. The technology is designed to manage data in interpretation projects as well as original field, pre- and post-stack data, along with navigation and supporting documents.

Interpretation project management for single or multivendor environments is supported by advanced tools to load, quality control, and transfer data between projects. Functions include a comprehensive system for managing field and processed data, complete with GIS tools.

Features and benefits

  • Covers the entire seismic data life cycle.
  • Ability to scan, catalog, load, and create a live trace representation of SEG-Y and Petrel ZGY format data.
  • Application-ready seismic project datasets.
  • Spatial data entitlement to shotpoint/trace level.

Training Courses

Need a training course?

WesternGeco offers a comprehensive training program to support users of the Petrel E&P Software Platform, WesternGeco plugins, and other software products.