Most geoscientists and engineers reinterpret data rather than reuse the results of others, meaning significant loss of time and knowledge invested in prior studies. Since interpreted results have significant human input, capturing the context is a critical factor in understanding and future reuse of interpretation results. ProSource Results allows you to generate snapshot or studies that capture interpretation results or knowledge in the context of a business decision or project milestone. It helps you define and associate quality and context attributes with each piece of preserved information—for easy and confident reuse.


  • Enables you to make better business decisions by using reliable project milestone information that is easy to access and share.
  • Gives you confidence that your investment in previous interpretations is safeguarded by ensuring that results can be reused.
  • Helps you avoid costly delays and setbacks that may result from lost knowledge and uncertainty about data quality. 


  • GIS Viewer—Study outlines, horizons, and grids are displayed in the GIS Viewer, along with support for all your cultural and navigation data such as wells, deviation surveys, licenses, and interpretation project outlines.
  • Quality Control Attributes—Specific attributes are used to enhance the knowledge management of your assets. Specific attributes—quality level, interpreter comments, and dates—help narrow future searches.
  • Updating Data in a Study—A study does not mean static data; as a project progresses, the studies capture the up-to-date results and knowledge. Studies can be updated with maps, reports, and documents that support the decisions made. 
  • Security and Entitlements—All result information, quality, and contextual attributes are secured and entitled on a record-by-record basis.
  • Multidiscipline and Domain—ProSource Results supports results from multiple sources across various domains. It can be used to integrate results from exploration, drilling, and production including geophysical interpretations, geological models, and reservoir engineering simulations.
  • Archive seismic interpretation data—for Petrel and GeoFrame software, and other third-party software.

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