PetroMod software manages uncertainties using the advanced statistical PetroRisk risk management system module or through calibration. A simplified calibration with actual or hypothetical wells can be done in the entire PetroMod software suite through 1D modeling or by using the crustal heat flow processor in conjunction with PetroMod software’s heat flow calibration tool to generate accurate boundary conditions for fully calibrated simulation results.

Managing uncertainties with the PetroMod PetroRisk module 

PetroMod PetroRisk operates as a controlling framework on all PetroMod software packages, assessing uncertainties and following the entire migration path to calculate probability estimates for accumulations. Users can define uncertainties in the input data and both quantify and statistically evaluate their effects on the simulation outcome. Exploration risking is performed within the framework of a fully integrated dynamic geologic model. Results are displayed in the 1D, 2D, and 3D viewers with additional overlays for specified output parameters. Probability estimates and statistical information for potential hydrocarbon accumulations can also be selected and displayed. PetroMod PetroRisk enables users to define well data for calibration, run inversion (MCMC), evaluate results, and shift desired parameters on the master model to achieve their targets.

The Heat Flow Calibration Tool quickly calibrates 3D models to the temperature and vitrinite reflectance measurements provided from project wells. All maps are calibrated at once; results are written in heat flow maps that are imported into the 3D model in all PetroMod software 3D packages. The fully integrated Crustal Heat Flow preprocessing tool calculates the heat flow history of PetroMod software 2D and 3D models. This tool takes subsidence, timing, and crustal parameters as input to generate accurate stretching factors and higher-quality paleo heat flow maps, thus reducing uncertainty for faster map generation.

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