The Petrel shale suite module is designed for companies working onshore planning and drilling horizontal wells. This module dives three main workflows: geosteering, pad placement, and pad well design. This toolset is specifically designed to improve efficiency for the fast pace of land development.

Geosteering workflow:

  • Steer wells in context of geology and other data
  • Interactive steering in the vertical track using a “stretch and squeeze” method
  • Geosteering guided by seismic or geological model properties
  • Stream well data in using WITMSL or load data from files
  • Fast and easy reporting
  • See geosteering live in the 3D window 

Pad placement workflow:

  • Provides an automated solution to optimize well pad locations based on surface constraints such as roads, rivers, proximity to facilities, and available lease acreage, as well as taking into account various reservoir-level quality targets
  • Design the optimized pad and well location combining both surface and subsurface constrains and geological information, ensuring you avoid existing wells.
  • Design the pad layout and interactively plan pads based on GIS maps
  • Create “no-go zones” to ensure that wells are placed in correct locations

Pad well design workflow:

  • Fast and efficient way to design multiple wells in a single run
  • Fully integrated with the pad placement workflow—it is possible to design a field and have drillable wells within minutes


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