An engineered well, and the corresponding completion, is the link between the subsurface accumulation of hydrocarbon and the producing surface facilities, which deliver the hydrocarbon to market. The design of the location, type, and operation mode are paramount in ensuring the hydrocarbons are optimally recovered.

Petrel enables well and completion design that spans across all disciplines. The appropriate tools and canvas are provided to ensure the successful construction of both well and completion apparatus.

Comprehensive well and completion design options

From the conception of complex deepwater wells connected to various reservoir targets, to the enumeration of pads of onshore unconventional wells, to the design of inflow control devices spaced across a well (opened at various times to control steam injection in thermal recovery applications), Petrel offers widespread well and completion design options.

The interface for building schematics is equally provisional, giving flexibility to build designs interactively—in tables, in cross-section, and in 3D—where there is clear flow into simulation application.

There is also the ability to automate design parameters to guide the creation of wells and completions, the incorporation of multi-segment well models, and the extensibility to wellbore simulation engines to accurately convey pressure, temperature, and fluid transport from subsurface to surface.