Effective evaluation and recognition of the potential for enhanced oil recovery can substantially increase reservoir value and mitigate development risk. The Petrel EOR screening and decision advisory system plug-in robustly identifies, evaluates, and ranks the EOR technologies relevant for the reservoir, with consideration of both conventional single porosity as well as dual-porosity naturally fractured reservoirs. The evaluation is performed by using a combination of analytical and numerical methods to enable honoring the up-to-date reservoir understanding

Guided two-stage workflow with multiple EOR methods

Screening is efficiently conducted by the Petrel EOR screening and decision advisory system in two stages.

The first stage, which is also suitable for reservoirs where data is limited, uses analytical methods to compare and rank plausible EOR technologies through displacement efficiency estimations and reference to a comprehensive database with more than 2,700 documented EOR projects.

In the second stage, numerical models are employed to quantify the EOR potential, including simple economics under representative reservoir conditions of saturation and heterogeneity. This guided workflow followed by the advisory system is particularly effective for quickly assessing the EOR prospectivity of your reservoirs. 


  • Conventional, unconventional, and naturally fractured reservoirs with all fluid types
  • Greenfields and brownfields


  • Ranks EOR techniques using analytical and numerical criteria
  • Uses guided workflow advisory system for data input, calculations, and results analysis
  • Supports multiple EOR methods: chemical, thermal, and miscible and immiscible injection including water-alternating gas (WAG)


  • Compares reservoir characteristics with industry experience drawn from a database of more than 2,700 global EOR projects using Bayesian logic
  • Provides flexibility for expert users to tailor EOR agent and other input data characteristics
  • Assists in reservoir analysis and data quality evaluation
  • Performs geology-driven analysis that correlates all available reservoir information
  • Estimates pore-level displacement efficiency with proprietary built-in analytical calculations
  • Uses numerical simulation via the Eclipse industry-reference reservoir simulator to quantify EOR potential for various EOR methods