With any type of modeling there exists an enormous challenge around scale. In reservoir modelling, this challenge typically focuses on the difference in resolution between core, well log, well test, and seismic, where the complexity remains in trying to connect and relate these different resolutions of data.

With the advanced gridding & upscaling module for Petrel, engineers and geoscientists can manipulate gridding resolution with ease in order to portray either more or less detailed aspects of the reservoir model at the appropriate scale.

Ensure correct property sampling

Reservoir models commonly begin as very detailed geological models used to calculate in-place volumes. These models are then frequently coarsened for dynamic flow simulation. The advanced gridding & upscaling module provides a detailed, yet intuitive workflow to take the static geomodel structure and property definition to a coarser more simulation-appropriate gridding resolution where engineers and geoscientists can ensure correct property sampling and averaging methodologies are used.

Additionally, this module gives the ability to change the grid resolution locally, where wells or planar hydraulic fracture events can be gridded in higher resolution where there is crucial pressure and saturation changes occurring in a very short period of time.