The Magnetotellurics (MT) plug-in for the Petrel E&P software platform provides specific sounding windows to efficiently navigate and QC large datasets and to perform the required preconditioning steps prior to inversion—such as muting, decomposition, and resampling—using the interactive and batch methods.

The computation of data residuals, pseudo-sections, and common frequency maps is available to compare multiple soundings and subsurface model scenarios, enabling enhanced QC and qualitative data interpretation.

The Petrel MT plug-in also provides quantitative interpretation; 1D MT forward modeling and inversion (a dedicated tool to reduce well logs to MT-scale 1D models) and multithreaded 2D forward modeling and inversion.


  • Tailored MT sounding windows, pseudo-sections, and common frequency maps for data QC and preconditioning
  • 1D MT forward and inversion of smooth or layered models—interactive or batch
  • 2D MT forward modeling and inversion, running as independent process, allowing you to work on the Petrel project seamlessly
  • 3D model building tool, including advanced property population capabilities and front end for parallel 3D forward/inversion jobs in the Omega platform
  • Import of MT data in SEG MT/EMAP EDI format, and 3D resistivity models in WinGLink (.out) format 
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