The Gravity and Magnetics plug-in for the Petrel E&P software platform provides data processing and anomaly enhancement capabilities for potential fields and optimizes data analysis with tailored tools for data manipulation and display of large-scale surveys.

The interactive environment of the Petrel Gravity and Magnetics plug-in is fully integrated within the Petrel platform. This makes the plug-in an essential tool for reliable data integration and decision making through geophysical and mathematical filtering, data transform operations, and spectral analysis.

Interactive spectral analysis, filtering, and anomaly enhancements

The customized potential field toolbox includes a comprehensive library of low-, high-, and band-pass filters; upward and downward continuations; regional and residual filters; and vertical and horizontal derivatives. These are complemented by advanced anomaly enhancement operators (e.g., tilt angle and other phase filters) and data transforms (e.g., pseudogravity).

All the filtering and data transform operations are done interactively, with the possibility for users to modify selected parameters to obtain the best results for their data and instantly see the effect of the operation on both the 2D spectrum and radially averaged power spectrum. 

Integrated 3D modeling and interpretation

The Petrel Gravity and Magnetics plug-in provides interactive and efficient model-building tools combined with multithreaded 3D forward modeling capabilities for quantitative interpretation. The interactivity in data analysis and modeling within the same platform where all the geological and the geophysical data reside, makes the Petrel Gravity and Magnetics plug-in an essential tool for seamless integrated subsurface characterization.

The Petrel Gravity and Magnetics plug-in is part of the multiphysics plug-in family for nonseismic methods.


  • Dedicated toolbox for interactive data analysis and anomaly enhancement
  • 3D model building tool, including advanced property population capabilities
  • Multithreaded 3D forward modeling capabilities for quantitative interpretation
  • Compatible with Geosoft and Surfer Grid formats for importing field data
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