The Petrel E&P software platform provides a full spectrum of geophysical workflows to solve the most complex structural and stratigraphic challenges—from regional exploration to reservoir development scale. Within a unified multiuser collaboration environment, geoscientists can perform 2D, 3D, and prestack seismic interpretation as well as advanced geophysics, microseismic evaluation, 4D seismic simulation, and quantitative interpretation workflows.

Seismic interpretation

  • Horizon waveform tracker and automatic fault picker for quick and accurate tracking of horizons and faults
  • Seismic reconstruction based on geomechanical principles to reduce geological interpretation uncertainty and to help obtain confident, validated structural interpretation
  • Patented coordinate conversion technology, delivering a step change in spatial accuracy for 3D seismic data
  • Comprehensive seismic-to-multiwell-tie tools and velocity modeling capabilities, bridging the critical gap between time and depth
  • Robust and comprehensive SEG-Y pre- and poststack loaders for increased confidence in data quality and accuracy
  • Seismic compression for significant file size reduction and performance boost in daily use of 3D seismic data
  • Local flash cache or network directional disk cache optimization for performance improvements in line-based interpretation workflows
  • Rapid and intuitive seismic frequency analysis using the spectral analysis tool
  • Multiuser database access, notifications, and subscriptions enabling powerful collaboration among your asset team through the Studio E&P knowledge environment 

Advanced geophysics

  • Extensive attribute libraries (surface- or volume-based) with interactive parameter control to delineate complex structures or illuminate stratigraphic features geomorphology and internal architecture with ease
  • Integrated volume interpretation for quick analysis, isolation, and extraction of complexly-shaped elements (e.g., chaotic features such as karst, salt intrusions, and channel systems)
  • Fast, true 32-bit and GPU-rendered color blending for delineation of stratigraphic elements
  • Mixer tool for intuitive and interactive visualization workflows that enable comparing and interpreting multiple seismic cubes simultaneously and synchronously
  • Modeling while interpreting and geomechanically based seismic reconstruction processes for more accurate models and maps—integrating tectonics and depositional history as part of the structural interpretation scheme
  • 3D multi-Z salt interpretation streamlining the depth-imaging workflow
  • Integration with the Omega geophysical data processing platform for improved imaging of the reservoir in complex
  • Seismofacies estimation using a wide range of classification methodologies to bridge and support petrophysical modeling workflows

Quantitative interpretation

  • Seamless access to prestack data enabling detailed prestack seismic interpretation and interactive conditioning of the gather to improve gathers quality for AVO/AVA and inversion workflows
  • Seismic conditioning tools supporting seismic resampling of seismic cubes and 2D lines both spatially and temporally and seismic trace alignment based on nonrigid matching
  • Rock physics processes for the estimation of parameters, providing a complete suite of fluid substitution tools based on Gassmann’s equation and enabling the accurate prediction of seismic pore pressure in 2D and 3D models
  • AVO reconnaissance (AVO attributes from pre- and poststack data) and AVO/AVA modeling workflows (synthetic gathers generation)
  • Industry-leading colored, deterministic simultaneous stochastic inversion for prestack and poststack data for better rock property estimation
  • Various inversion algorithms effectively handling AVA seismic, converted waves (PP/PS AVA), time-lapse full-stack seismic, and time-lapse prestack seismic data
  • Robust 2D and 3D crossplotting tool for seismic and well data to identity and isolate anomalous hydrocarbon zones
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Training Courses

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Petrel Quantitative Interpretation Course

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