The Petrel seismic pore pressure modeling functionality generates high-resolution 3D pore pressure cubes or 2D pressure lines, including a rock physics model for pore pressure calibration at well locations. It helps for hazard identification, overpressure zones, and well planning (e.g., casing design).

A burial model can be computed at different age and depth pairs. A history for the sediment temperature regime and an estimate of the depth of the mineralization change from mostly smectite to mostly illite can be specified.

For multiple wells, spatially varying parameters are determined. While applying the model to a 3D velocity cube, the variables that have been specified as local to a well will be interpolated. The system is fully interactive and all parameters can be edited individually or optimized during the calibration process.

  • Interactive rock physics model building of the velocity and pressure relationship from well logs and drilling measurements
  • Multiwell capability to account for regional trends with mapping of spatially varying parameters
  • Four model types: Eaton, extended Bowers, Dutta, Eaton/Dutta
  • Integrated time-to-depth component
  • Handles marine, land, and transition zone environments
  • Interactive calibration and optimization of key parameters
  • Output models include multiple rock physics properties, e.g., porosity, effective stress, pore pressure