Omega seismic data processing platform is now optionally available with an interactive Windows-based desktop while retaining the scalability and computational power of a Linux cluster architecture. The Omega Windows desktop is available for license and preserves all the features, applications, and algorithms of the Linux version but takes advantage of the power and flexibility of Windows. This option enables integration with Schlumberger plug-ins for the Petrel platform written on the Ocean application development framework, including seismic velocity modeling (SVM) and prestack seismic interpretation (PSI). The Omega Windows Desktop and its integration with SVM offers a seamless processing workflow, from initial data preprocessing (geometry, noise attenuation, demultiple) through advanced depth imaging, on one platform.


  • Integration with Schlumberger plug-ins for Petrel platform.
  • Seamless preprocessing to depth-imaging workflows.
  • Improved productivity with increased access to native Windows tools. 


  • Full Windows interactive desktop with improved user interface.
  • Fast and easy access to scalable Linux cluster processing power and storage disk.
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