• Grunberg and Nissan viscosity of inhibitor/water mixture calculations
  • Hankinson-Brobst-Thomson to define liquid density of inhibitor/water mixture
  • Effect of the inhibitor is included in hydrate formation temperature either by specifying hydrate curves for each concentration or using the Hammerschmidt formula


The OLGA Inhibitor Tracking module shows the local concentration of inhibitor along the line during transient operations. This allows engineers to adjust the hydrate curve taking local pressure, temperature, and inhibitor concentration into consideration. This feature makes it easy to determine if sufficient inhibitor is being injected to prevent hydrate formation.

Tracer tracking functionality allows tracking of multiple inert tracer components, such as KHI (Kinetic Hydrate Inhibitor) and CI (Corrosion Inhibitor), along with the water or oil phase. The tracer tracking model determines tracer distribution along the pipeline, residence time in the pipeline, and the time period the tracer has been subjected to subcooling (aging effect). The concentration and distribution along the pipeline allows the total inhibitor inventory to be determined. 

Typical cases

  • Determining MEG, MeOH, or EtOH concentration in the water and gas phase
  • Tracking inhibitors in the oil phase
  • Defining inhibitor inventory
  • Determining inhibitor distribution along the pipeline and arrival time at plant
  • Tracking tracers/low-concentration additives (KHI and corrosion inhibitors)
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