• Simulate effects of centrifugal and displacement pumps
  • Simulate flow of a multiphase mixture, a liquid mixture, gas only, or water only


Multiphase boosting can extend field life, support development and production in low-pressure reservoirs, and increase production.

OLGA Multiphase Pump supports detailed simulations with centrifugal and displacement pumps. Pump characteristics are defined through pump data tables or can be user specified.

Typical sets of characteristics support many industry pumps. These criteria can be used if characteristics of the required pump are unknown. Pump speed and recycle flow is regulated by controllers. 

Typical cases

  • Analyzing inclusion of multiphase pumps
  • Modeling centrifugal, Helico-axial (OneSubsea standard pumps or input files)
  • Modeling displacement pumps (Bornemann or user defined)
  • Simulating ESP (Centrilift and REDA)
  • Predicting impact of pressure boosting
  • Modeling pump batteries
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