• Links to the OLGA calculation engine through the use of DLLs to support proprietary software


The OLGA Plug-in module supports the use of external physical fluid models within the OLGA engine (e.g., in-house physical models for corrosion, wax, sand, hydrates, etc.).

Schlumberger can assist in the process of creating and modifying DLLs to integrate additional models. 

Typical cases

  • Mass transfer between phases (e.g., a hydrate formation model)
  • Mass transfer between layers (e.g., sand deposition to a bed or wax deposition to a wall layer)
  • Modifications of apparent viscosity due to dispersion
  • Slip velocity between dispersed phases and carrier/continuous phase
  • PVT properties of the new phase and optionally modification of gas/oil/water properties
  • Modifications of heat transfer coefficient between the fluid and the pipe wall
  • Compositional calculations
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