Reserves Tracking & Reserves Reporting Software

Achieve new levels of confidence in your reserves tracking and reporting processes. When reserves numbers are as heavily scrutinized as they are today, Merak VOLTS can provide a significant step toward a fully secure and auditable reserves tracking process. Merak VOLTS is implemented in more than 40 oil and gas companies across six continents.

Meeting reserves reporting challenges

  • Generate reports needed for year-end disclosures more efficiently.
  • Create EIA23, NI-51-101, and other regulatory reports.
  • Support your unconventional reserves reporting requirements.
  • Generate ad hoc reports to monitor your reserves.
  • Use your preferred reporting software against the VOLTS data for further reporting.


Consistent and reliable reserve tracking

  • Track and approve changes for improved transparency in reserves reporting and auditing.
  • Create archives and snapshots to show reserve history and track performance against key indicators.
  • Track changes to project values and well as volumes.


Security and integrity

  • Establish a multilevel approval process to ensure that changes to reserves data are approved and managed consistently.
  • Control data access to limit what users need to see and are allowed to change.

Improved business process performance

  • Give engineers and managers easy access to a common reserves management system.
  • Pull reserves data and forecasts from multiple sources within your organization.
  • Implement and update reserves reporting in line with your corporate structure.
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