The Schlumberger fiscal modeling experts—backed by many years of experience in modeling fiscal regimes worldwide—maintain a library of standardized fiscal models. The models are exceptionally flexible, making them crucial in the valuation of reserves, exploration prospects, and new ventures.

Research, consistency, and transparency

The Merak Fiscal Model Library provides more than 200 standardized fiscal models for use with Merak Peep software.

The standard model library is available through an annual subscription, and includes: 

  • Quarterly updates to the library, including updates to new and existing regimes.
  • Assumption sheets that detail fiscal terms, contract legislation, model structure, and default model settings.
  • Negotiable fiscal terms that are easily viewed or modified through user-friendly interfaces and that do not require knowledge of Merak Peep modeling.. 


Ensure your planning, risk, and reserves systems satisfy the most stringent regulatory requirements with:

  • Flexible and simple to make modifications.
  • Standardized economic models that provide data integrity and confidence in your evaluations.
  • The ability to focus more time on analysis and decision-making, instead of on fiscal modeling.
  • Exposure to all fiscal terms, making the Merak Fiscal Model Library ideal for contract negotiations.
  • A consistent look and feel that reduces training costs.
  • An extensive selection of standard reports that enables you to audit each calculation, barrel, and dollar to each party, using a material balance approach.

Depending on the stage of the lifecycle your projects are you might require additional details which can be accommodated through customizations of the models.


Looking for supporting documentation?

We provide a range of supporting documents.