Analyze your risk with Visual Monte Carlo

  • Model complex problems including uncertainty, correlation, and decisions.
  • Combine the structured economics of Merak Peep with the flexibility of Microsoft Excel in a single representation of your project.
  • Determine statistics for your project including P10, P50, P90 outcomes, and the probability of success.
  • Better understand project risk through probabilistic techniques.

Understand your uncertainty

  • Visualize the effects of uncertainty on the value of your projects, using tornado charts or spider diagrams.
  • Focus your efforts on high-impact uncertainties.
  • Build a decision tree automatically, based on your sensitivity analysis data. 

Make more informed decisions

  • Determine the expected value of your project, given its inherent uncertainty.
  • Make decisions with greater confidence, based on improved understanding of your project and your risk tolerance.
  • Quantify the value of information that can reduce your uncertainty and affect your decisions.
  • Export time series data for use in Merak Capital Planning portfolio management software.
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