Merak Enterprise Planning

Economics and risk analysis is critical for investment decisions, budgeting, planning, reserves, and other business processes. These are by nature complex due to high uncertainty levels and capital intensity. Get the corporate rigor and standards your company requires in order to manage the complexities in the economics evaluations and its many influencing factors.

Merak Peep

Accurate, standard and secure project economic evaluation

Merak Peep is the industry standard for the economic modeling of upstream oil and gas projects. Economic evaluations can be analyzed and reported using standardized industry cash flows and indicators. Merak Peep offers:

  • Accurate, standard and consistent economic analysis throughout your portfolio.
  • Secure and scalable evaluations.
  • Evaluation of alternate scenarios and full risk analysis.
  • Efficiency, with corporate rigor and user flexibility.
  • The freedom to create advantage by building or integrating your specialized technology and workflows. 

Merak Fiscal Model Library

Spend less time building models, and more time analyzing and making decisions

Merak Fiscal Model Library (FML) is a subscription that offers a collection of standardized fiscal models to be used with Merak Peep. Our Fiscal Model Library models are based on the petroleum and taxation laws of more than 100 oil producing countries, offering over 200 regularly updated fiscal systems. When looking for standard and transparent practices in economic modeling, FML offers great advantages for increased data integrity in your evaluations, while providing flexibility to easily adjust fiscal terms.

Merak Decision Toolkit

Make more informed decisions 

Merak Decision Tool Kit decision analysis and risk management software offers the power to weigh the economic uncertainties inherent in any project decision, measure the effect of those uncertainties on the expected value, and see just how risky your options really are.

Merak Decision Tool Kit provides a toolbox of complementary modules. Access the economics data from Merak Peep economic evaluation and decline analysis software, then use the power of these tools to make more informed decisions.

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Economic Screening Tool Plugin

Evaluate revenues, cash flow, and economic indicators in your Petrel project. Read product sheet