Merak Planning, Risk, and Reserves Software Description

Merak planning, risk, and reserves software offers industry-leading functionalities and services that combine the technical skills of petroleum engineers with the foresight of economists for better E&P business decisions. More than 350 companies and 4,000 users apply it to project evaluations and portfolio decisions at all levels of the organization.

Evaluate your project economics and analyze risk

The Merak planning, risk, and reserves software combines more than 30 years of experience in petroleum economic evaluation and related business processes. Merak Peep workflows—created for petrotechnical staff from both business-economics and engineering backgrounds—offer standard practices learn't through global industry experience. Our Fiscal Model Library provides more than 200 international fiscal models helping you to efficiently evaluate brownfield, greenfield, mergers and acquisitions, and new business ventures. Decision methodologies used in the industry for analyzing uncertainty and risk, such as decision trees, sensitivity analyses, and Monte Carlo simulations, are all available within the same system.

Leverage petrotechnical information to assess value of your projects 

Better integration between engineering data from production operations and simulation models allows Merak Peep software users to include commercial insight when evaluating or optimizing development options. Using production projections from other sources (e.g., OFM well and reservoir analysis software or Petrel E&P software platform), engineers and economists can analyze and report economic evaluations using industry indicators. Each evaluation can include alternate scenarios and full risk analysis. Companies can standardize fiscal regimes for all their assets and respond quickly to economic, technical, and environmental factors.

Achieve your business goals through optimization and dynamic planning

Merak Planning applications allows you to visualize your data and schedule your projects so you can extract the most value from your portfolio. The business planning system aligns economic, reserves, production, operational and financial information in a common framework. The optimization capabilities allow you to create more efficient capital utilization for achieving short and long term corporate goals. 

Accomplish new levels of confidence in your reserves management processes

The management and tracking of hydrocarbon reserves and resources are fundamental to any oil and gas company’s operations. Reserves management is a key pillar in assessing and understanding company value, forecasting future reserves, and gathering the information necessary to meet regulatory requirements. Merak VOLTS software offers accurate, timely, and auditable reserves disclosure within a configurable environment to facilitate regulatory compliance, as well as for providing key indicators for decision making to stakeholders.

Expert services

Schlumberger economic and planning experts will work with you to deliver the business system that is suitable for your corporation, using refined and robust methodologies tailored for your needs. Leading-edge technologies are fully leveraged to support your decisions for the full field lifecycle.

Our advisory services, application workflows and implementation services can be used to make the most of your software investment. Example projects include standardizing risk and decision methodologies, web portals for centralized decision and evaluation support, integrated workflow solutions for stage-gate decisions, multi-tier business planning systems, integrated strategic and operational asset planning solutions, and analogy-based estimation systems for undiscovered resource volumes.

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