We've long known that integration is critical. However integrating at the data level is just the start

The upstream oil and gas industry divides its upstream activities across a three-stage life cycle of exploration, development, and production.

The hydrocarbon pathway is the ability to model, using technology, the journey of hydrocarbon across this life cycle, from its genesis in the natural world to its extraction in the engineered world. Decisions made by geoscientists and engineers at every stage of this pathway—from exploration to production—will impact the success and profitability of an asset.

To make this possible, we provide integrated software to digitally model hydrocarbon behavior based on physical measurements and data. Software deployment through our multidisciplinary workflows resolves end-to-end integration challenges for both conventional and unconventional resources. All software and workflows are supported by extensive services. The end game is the generation of comprehensive insight along the hydrocarbon pathway for technical professionals in every domain.

Visualizing hydrocarbons in motion along a path, using a fully integrated software platform, creates essential collaboration among geoscientist, engineers, drillers, and economists. The value lies in the cumulative knowledge and insights contributed by individual disciplines, which combined provide a more comprehensive understanding of uncertainty and risk across the life cycle.

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