By integrating geophysics, geology, petrophysics, completion engineering, reservoir engineering and geomechanics in a repeatable workflow, Kinetix Shale reservoir-centric stimulation-to-production software ensures data integrity and high decision quality. However, this powerful workflow can pose challenges for a local computing infrastructure, especially when the number of stages, wells, or both is large.

Kinetix Shale software in the cloud avoids resource constraints to make true stimulation design optimization possible:

  • all simulation activities of the workflow can be spawned in batch mode and executed in a commercial cloud infrastructure
  • tens, hundreds, and thousands of simulation experiments can be automatically generated and then efficiently assessed in a commercial cloud infrastructure.

Significant time reduction for executing multiple scenarios toward design optimization

Performing the workflow for Kinetix Shale software in the cloud reduces the time to decision by at least an order of magnitude. Batch mode execution of simulations empowers the user to create multiple scenarios corresponding to variations of geological understanding, completion parameters, or production strategy and forward them to the cloud for concurrent execution, thereby freeing local computing resources. Results are typically fetched back in the same time it would have taken to run a single scenario locally. 

The efficiency of computing in the cloud also realizes true design optimization. Kinetix Shale software’s sensitivity framework automatically samples the search space of well spacing, completion parameters, and treatment design parameters, enabling the engineer to explore up to thousands of scenarios collectively executed in the cloud in hours rather than weeks. Until now, this level of predictive ability has been far out of reach for the industry and brings very positive implications for field development workflows, especially for

  • well spacing
  • lateral landing point evaluation of single-formation development
  • stacked lateral developments with more than one producing interval
  • parent-child studies
  • refracturing opportunities.

Kinetix Shale software in the cloud is available as add-on capability to customers of Kinetix Shale software through a subscription-based model.

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