The Igeoss product suite enables rapid and easy restoration and forward modeling of complex folded and faulted geological models by simulating mechanical rock behavior using continuum and fracture mechanics. A comprehensive set of boundary conditions (such as mechanical contacts, restoration targets, and far-field stress) enables users to analyze complex geological structures in just minutes.


  • Reduces geological interpretation uncertainty—performs rapid quality control on 2D and 3D seismic interpretation to reduce uncertainty and update complex geological models.
  • Models natural and induced fractures—computes the complete 3D state of stress through time for optimal fracture modeling in unconventional reservoirs, top seal, and around wellbores.
  • Based on recognized technologies—honors the fundamental physical laws governing rock deformation, replacing and/or complementing geometrical assumptions and kinematics relationships.
  • Gets results in minutes—friendly user interface with links to Petrel software, fast computation, and fit-for-purpose workflows reduces learning curves and increases efficiency with only basic geomechanical knowledge.

Make the most of Igeoss structural geology software

Build complex geological models

Build accurate models of complex geological structures using Dynel software. Advanced algorithms are embedded in seamless workflows, allowing you to construct and mesh watertight complex 3D structural models from any type of data (well markers, cross-sections, and incomplete seismic horizons). 

Verify subsurface structure interpretation

Accomplish difficult structure analysis (due to complexity, poor seismic quality such as subsalt structures, or features of interest below the resolution of the data) using the Igeoss software suite.

Model basin architecture evolution through time

Use cutting-edge tools in Dynel linked with PetroMod software for complete petroleum system analysis—fluid migration, heat flow, petroleum generation, pressure and trap location in sedimentary basins—ensuring an accurate representation of basin structural evolution though time. 

Model fractures in unconventional reservoirs

Perform rapid 3D stress simulations around complex geological structures using Poly3D, optimizing natural and induced fracture modeling critical for cost-effective reservoir characterization and completion strategies in unconventional reservoirs.

Igeoss Structural Geology Software

Dynel for Structural Restoration

Construct and perform restoration of complex geological structures in cross-section and 3D.

Poly3D for Stress Analyses

Perform rapid 3D stress simulations around geological structures for optimal natural and induced fracture modeling.

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