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FluidModeler: complex PVT modeling made easy

Performing PVT fluid characterization is fast and easy using FluidModeler. This comprehensive application, available in the DELFI cognitive E&P environment, covers a wide range of fluid modeling workflows to enable reservoir engineers to conduct:

  • Laboratory experiment calibration
  • Automated and optimization-based equation of state (EOS) calibration
  • Advanced components split and grouping
  • Pseudo-component characterization (C7+)
  • Advanced plotting capabilities to improve quality of final fluid

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Simply advanced: a comprehensive range of fluid modeling algorithms with the best user experience

FluidModeler provides a simple and easy user experience while it is also combined with a series of complex PVT algorithms that allows to take fluid characterization to the next level.

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PVT calibration like never before: built-in optimizer to get the best calibration quickly


FluidModeler uses a series of optimizers that enables calibration of equation of state (EOS) and other experiments to be achieved with high level of accuracy and with the best performance.

FluidModeler uses a flexible EOS optimization process that allows users to repeat and quickly change parameters to improve the final EOS calibration.

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