Seasonality profile

The required rate of gas production is not constant throughout the year, but varies from month to month to reflect the pattern of demand. With the Gas Field Operations option, you can enter an annual profile made up of monthly multipliers to the mean rate or daily contracted quantity (DCQ), which is then applied to the field’s gas production rate target for each month.

Adjustment of DCQ to allow for swing

Typical gas sales contracts require that the field be able to produce at a rate which is higher than the DCQ. This is known as the swing factor. Eclipse can calculate an appropriate DCQ so that the it is valid over the period of the contract depending on the deliverability of the field.

Control and output of sales gas rate

Normally gas production targets in the Eclipse simulator are set on the total gross production coming from the formation. When using the Gas Field Operations option, it is possible to specify the production targets on the sales gas rates, which is the gas remaining after taking into account the gas consumption of the group. 

Estimation of delivery capacity

As well as modeling the actual performance of the field at the demanded rate, it is useful to have an idea of its delivery capacity if all group and field constraints were removed.

Automatic compressor operation

When the Gas Field Operations option in used in conjunction with the Eclipse Network option, gas compressors in the pipelines can be switched on and off automatically, as required. The compressors may consume gas at a specified rate for power which will be added to the gas consumption rate whenever the compressors are operating.