Gas condensate pipeline management requires effective strategies for managing and preventing liquid surges and hydrate blockages. The OLGA dynamic multiphase flow simulator provides real-time standardized, model-based views designed specifically to monitor transient behaviors in gas condensate lines. With all key performance indicators in one place, teams can quickly make the operational decisions that maximize production while ensuring operational safety.


Real-time monitoring and surveillance of gas condensate transport lines


  • Optimize pipeline performance by effectively managing pipeline liquid inventories
  • Forecast the arrival of slugs and calculate surge volumes
  • Control pigging (scraping) operations
  • Monitor risk of hydrate formation by calculating cool-down time
  • Reduce opex by optimizing inhibitor injection
  • Avoid critical disruptions due to blockages or surges 


  • Ready-to-deploy, fit-for-purpose application
  • Model-based predictions powered by the OLGA simulator
  • Real-time and historical data visualization
  • Compatibility with various data historians
  • Unified field data capture in a standardized environment for collaborative decision making
  • Extensibility with the Avocet platform and other data management solutions