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Episode 8: Energy Transition: Reducing methane emissions in oil and gas.



As the energy industry considers how we can make a meaningful contribution to the energy transition, it would be difficult to place too much emphasis on the important role reducing methane emissions from oil and gas operations will play. This is because methane is simply much more potent as a greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide. Calculations on the effect of methane emissions on climate change over a 100-year period have shown that emissions of one ton of methane, will have the same effect as 28 tons of carbon dioxide.

As methane does not remain in the atmosphere as long as carbon dioxide, acting now can make a huge difference in the short-term. Within oil and gas operations, methane emissions are highly actionable, and there are a range of ways to rapidly reduce the footprint of the industry.

Listen to “Energy Transition: Reducing methane emissions in oil and gas" to hear Drew Pomerantz, GHG emissions principal, and Sam Tilley, energy transition – market and business analyst, both from Schlumberger, discuss how we can reduce methane emissions in our industry to help achieve industry targets for a net-zero world.