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The Journey for Digital Well Delivery Technology Adoption: The How and Why

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Society: SPE/IATMI Asia Pacific Oil & Gas Conference and Exhibition 2021

New Digital Well Construction Planning Solution: Improving Efficiency & Quality of Well Design through Collaboration and Automation

Drilling wells with minimum risk and optimizing well placement with the least possible cost are key goals that companies strive to achieve. The major contributor to the successful execution of the well is the quality of the drilling program. Well design is a complex process, which requires full collaboration of multiple domain roles & expertise working together to integrate various well-planning data.

Many design challenges will be encountered, such as risk assessments, domain-specific workflows, geological concerns, technology selections, cost & time estimation, environmental and safety concerns. Design process efficiency depends on effective communication between parties, quickly adapting to any changes, reducing the number of changes, and reducing complicated & manual processes. Current existing workflow and tools are not promoting an excellent collaborative environment among the different roles involved. Engineers utilize multiple engineering applications, which involved many manual data transfers and inputs. The different party is still working in a silo and sharing the design via email or other manual data transfer.


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This paper presented at SPE/IATMI Asia Pacific Oil & Gas Conference and Exhibition 2021