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The DELFI cognitive E&P environment is the result of 35 years of domain knowledge and science, said Gavin Rennick, president of Software Integrated Solutions (SIS) at the SIS Global Forum in his plenary address.

Gavin Rennick gave the delegates in Paris a sneak preview of the current and future capabilities of applications in the DELFI environment and reassured the industry that the radical change the industry needs is not only feasible, there is already a playbook for it.

Rennick started by recapping on the development of Schlumberger’s wide-ranging software offering, with its 72,000 active petrotechnical users. The development journey has taught SIS about integration and collaboration (through its work on its platforms and foundation technologies) and about openness and extensibility (through the success story that is the Ocean software development framework), he said.

“We needed to take all of that—35 years of knowledge, of understanding, of models, of domain science, of data—and embed it in a highly secure, powerful, collaborative, and digital world.” That world, he said, is DELFI.

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From days to seconds

The SIS president went on to showing a multi-disciplinary asset team at work together, using technology in the DELFI environment. The team were seen recalculating a well trajectory in DrillPlan—the digital well construction solution—with a click of a button, taking the process from days to seconds.

He explained: “DrillPlan is the first application to be launched in the environment, but alongside that sits our whole petrotechnical offering that we have moved into the cloud and that is accessed through and enriched by the DELFI environment.”

Next up is a solution for production, to be launched early in 2018, with more releases to follow in the months thereafter. The ambition behind all of them is to “connect people using predictive, cognitive capabilities to drive instant business results.”

When challenged to show the value of these new digital advances, Rennick highlighted four powerful examples from the field:

Business results

“In seismic, we estimate a time cut to a first-pass interpretation by 50%; in the petrotechnical evaluation of logs, we were able to automate 90% of the process; in drilling engineering, we have cut the time to deliver a well plan in half, while improving quality and consistency; in reservoir simulation, we believe it adds three orders of magnitude to the productivity of our petrotechnical people.”

Organizations will be able to drive efficiency by improving collaboration, integration, and leveraging the DELFI environment for both cognitive capabilities and elastic processing power at the team, department, asset, and organization level.

He concluded by stressing the importance of well thought-through change management to unlock the full value of these new technologies: “We have learned from our own transformation, but also from projects with companies in the industry that have completely changed parts of their business. We have the playbook for how we can deploy this change.”

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Gavin Rennick

Gavin Rennnick

President, SIS