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Accelerating AI Adoption for Customers

The digital era rewards businesses that are most responsive to change, and in our industry, where the financial viability of investments is challenged, adopting new ways of working by leveraging digital technologies is critical for meeting the world’s energy needs of the future.

At Schlumberger, we have repeatedly shown that we can work together with our customers to help them adapt swiftly to this new reality, by working closely with them in performance partnerships. Our domain expertise and industry leading digital technologies quicken the pace of our customers’ digital innovation strategies to maximize their performance. Indeed, through strategic collaborations, we are driving increases in efficiencies and effectiveness; to optimize the value extracted from assets, so that our industry can serve the world’s future energy needs, responsibly and affordably.

Our new initiative, INNOVATION FACTORI, expands the reach of our innovation-through-collaboration approach, to accelerate AI adoption in the energy industry and drive rapid digital transformation.

AI has emerged as a powerful enabler of innovation and sustainable performance improvement. Considering the magnitude and speed of change the industry is witnessing, improving performance is a continuous challenge for energy companies. Capturing, consuming, and extracting insights from large volumes of data through integrated and reengineered workflows results in faster and better decisions. The outcome is improved and cost-effective methods of discovering, developing, and producing energy. 



Introducing INNOVATION FACTORI: Accelerating AI adoption for energy companies

We have launched INNOVATION FACTORI, a global network enabling energy companies to accelerate AI and digital solutions. Discover how to extract maximum value from AI and how to scale your digital solutions from concept to enterprise deployment.

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Today, data management and digital solutions enhanced with AI have made innovation at scale a reality. Yet, challenges remain. Advancement requires experimentation. Rapid, successful journeys from proof of concept to deployed digital solutions are rare in the industry even today. To accelerate this journey, we are launching the INNOVATION FACTORI using our considerable experience in this domain to collaborate extensively with our customers. We have shown in over 100 AI projects with our customers that they can transform their ideas into deployable, custom-built solutions, at scale, by working in collaboration with our domain and data science experts.

INNOVATION FACTORI is the energy industry’s first global resource dedicated to rapid digital solution deployment. We are committed to an INNOVATION FACTORI network that spans every region of the world. Through our ecosystem of partners and innovation centers in Abu Dhabi, Beijing, Houston, Kuala Lumpur, Moscow, Rio De Janeiro, and Oslo, we are inviting energy companies to imagine, build, and deploy AI and digital solutions at enterprise-scale, in a fraction of the time it would normally take.

AI is highly effective at solving problems that were previously unsolvable. And having the best solution for achieving your objectives multiplies this positive effect. Geoscientists, engineers, and data scientists will come together at their local INNOVATION FACTORI to collaborate with our experts in hands-on workshops and projects. The development and deployment of digital solutions that meet the exact business and operational challenges of our customers is achieved quickly by working in this productive and collaborative way.




The INNOVATION FACTORI is another strategic development in Schlumberger’s digital transformation vision. We have consistently been bold on the promise of digital, and this is founded on improving performance across three strategic pillars: data, workflows, and operations.

First, our services and solutions are accelerating data standardization and its exploitation by deploying embedded domain rich AI applications to create new insights.

Second, as our customers move to the cloud, we deploy AI capabilities to enable our customers to re-engineer and enrich their workflows, deriving higher levels of productivity and efficiency.

Third, we are augmenting our drilling and production technologies with new digital capabilities to streamline, automate, and optimize field operations by deploying and enabling AI at the Edge.

Providing technologies and services that enhance and optimize our customers' performance is a driving principle of Schlumberger. We are magnifying this effect by extracting maximum value from AI and digital technology. INNOVATION FACTORI will accelerate AI adoption, ensuring the energy industry is more resilient, sustainable, and investable; an industry well prepared for maximizing value extraction from the digital era.


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Rajeev Sonthalia

Rajeev Sonthalia

President Digital & Integration, Schlumberger