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The orchestrated planning solution streamlining exploration strategies, accelerating efficiency and getting you closer to certainty.

To qualify and derisk an opportunity, a coordinated and collaborative process uniting people, data and technology is essential. The ExplorePlan solution enables operators to access and discover all relevant, sanitized, structured and unstructured data.

Instant portfolio evaluation


  • Imagine being able to access your current portfolio and potential prospects, instantly.

  • To view and rank all worldwide exploration scenarios, easily.

  • And keep your interpretations and results evergreen, improving decision quality.



A new way of working, streamlining and reducing linear workflows.

Allowing you to focus on the decision by evaluating the quality of your prospects - indicating where to invest or divest.

By synchronizing people, data and processes, decision-quality is improved.

The ExplorePlan solution is industry-changing, it provides the ability to instantly re-evaluate exploration strategies accelerating efficiency and enabling you to apply expertise in the areas that generate maximum value.

Through openness and with collaboration at its core, the ExplorePlan solution is yours to personalize however you choose. Your own IP, ways of working, and knowledge are fully integrated.


See ExplorePlan in Action

Bring everything together


The ExplorePlan solution integrates your entire operation. Your portfolios and assets are clearly displayed, your objectives are highlighted, timelines are established, and teams are assigned.

All science, algorithms and routines are performed by high performance computing engines in the Delfi platform and your results are calculated by our market leading software—the Petrel E&P software platform, the GeoX exploration risk, resource, and value assessment software, the PetroMod petroleum systems modeling software and the Techlog wellbore software platform. The ExplorePlan solution orchestrates the analysis.

Current and spatial knowledge of your assets is extracted to assess opportunities relating to in-place volumes and value, reducing uncertainty and increasing success. Assets are showcased within the ExplorePlan solution window, displaying risk, resource, and value assessment, as well as discovered and undiscovered resources.

Data is liberated by connection and collaboration—your data and the data you receive from the Delfi data ecosystem is accessible by all your workflows in the ExplorePlan solution.  

Data and results are presented to the asset manager, and details on technical evaluation and progress are seamlessly shared across your team. 




Openness in exploration gets you closer to certainty


Openness provides the next level of efficiency and performance promise. For the first time, data is liberated and full interoperability is made possible.

On-demand access to the best in class E&P software, innovation and analytics capabilities are available for everyone and fully integrated.

The ExplorePlan solution delivers the next level of smart exploration methodologies.

*The data used in ExplorePlan snapshots and video captures are the Copyright Commonwealth of Australia (Geoscience Australia)

Make vast improvements to your exploration planning and operations


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Schlumberger Awarded Energy Data Project from Wintershall Dea

Schlumberger Awarded Energy Data Project from Wintershall Dea


Schlumberger Launches Enterprise Data Solution

Schlumberger Launches Enterprise Data Solution


ExplorePlan is part of SLB’s cloud computing offering that helps enable your planning endeavors for exploring and assessing geological formations and natural resources, such as oil and gas. The ExplorePlan software is hosted in the cloud such that you need not download the software onto your computing systems, but rather are able to access the software online. Through ExplorePlan you are able to: (i) access data stored in secure off-site servers that contain exploration, planning, evaluation, and monitoring data related to geological formations and natural resources, such as oil and gas; (ii) acquire software consultation services to further assist your use of the software and your planning efforts; and (iii) obtain engineering services related to the features provided for in ExplorePlan and the follow up tasks once your planning phase is on its way.