The adaptive drilling automation system with the DrillOps solution enables you to drill from slips to slips in a consistent, and efficient manner. The system controls the rig equipment you authorize and is always aware of the condition of the operation and the rig equipment . Adaptive drilling means the system continuously monitors and adapts to account for changing operating conditions. Any joystick interaction or changes in the rig control system transfers manual control back to the driller.

Adaptive drilling reduces staffing levels and delivers better consistency of repetitive tasks – helping you reach your technical limit on every well. Alert and escalate procedures are built directly into the DrillOps solution, making it easier to resolve potential conflicts and administer corrective action. Everything that happens is documented within the digital well file to streamline reporting and drive continuous improvement.

Open Solution

The DrillOps solution is designed to adapt to a range of hardware and control systems, and a platform to implement your own algorithms. This helps you maximize your rig investment.


Safeguarding a connected drilling-automation system requires a comprehensive, ground-up approach. We partner with leading cybersecurity providers to maintain the latest international standards to protect your drilling rig.


Built in the DELFI cognitive E&P environment, the DrillPlan coherent well construction planning solutions and DrillOps solutions deliver the industry’s first complete, integrated digital well construction solution.

True Automation

Beyond just features that support the driller, the DrillOps solution’s drilling automation system offers true drilling automation—adapting to changing drilling conditions and implementing your procedures to deliver consistency and performance.

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True Automation

Basic automation assist drillers by providing warnings or mitigating intermittent conditions such as stick/slip. Conceptually, advanced drilling automation would be capable of completely unsupervised well construction, needing no human intervention.

Even at lower levels, drilling automation solutions allow hands off operations but they still require the driller to constantly supervise the features and control the equipment to preserve safe operation. These features support the driller and some can be quite sophisticated—including automated pipe handling and scripted drill-a-stand solutions. However, these features are limited because they are simply reflexive mechanical responses.

More sophisticated drilling automation solutions deliver adaptive automated drilling in changing conditions. These solutions run with little or no supervision by the driller and manage multiple, sometimes conflicting, goals based upon standard operating procedures. When required, these solutions request driller intervention so the driller doesn’t have to be constantly engaged.


Degrees of Autonomy

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