CorporatePlan allows you to manage corporate decisions, strategies, and targets with an unparalleled level of control and an amplified understanding of uncertainty. This common business planning framework provides the structure for effective, efficient and customizable cross-E&P life cycle business planning workflows.


Optimize based on value creation


Continuously align the business with domain planning and operational reality

CorporatePlanCorporatePlan continuously and proactively monitors and aligns asset activities across exploration, development, and production with the strategic goals of your organization. CorporatePlan aligns investment choices with business goals, while adhering to operational reality and real-world business constraints, displaying the information required for budgeting, as well as short and long-term objective investment or divestment decisions. This is achieved through a unique level of integration of corporate planning tools and collaboration across domains, which enable you to define standards and common business objectives, drive consistency, and ensure strategic alignment across planning disciplines.



Plan the optimal portfolio including strategies for achieving short, medium, and long term economic goals and KPOs


CorporatePlan enhances the rigor, efficiency and quality of decision-making for strategic planning, portfolio management, and validation processes across the E&P life cycle.

  • Review and plan your portfolio, setting clear objectives for exploration, mergers and acquisitions, development, and production.
  • Enable efficiency gains in the review of options and the reflection of upsets.
  • Keep track of short-term and long-term financial health by aligning projects with capital allocation and funding strategies.
  • Enable flexible and auditable field development planning though native integration with DELFI FDPlan.
  • Update current period reserves and provide resource maturation forecasts into the future with actual and forecasted production volumes with native integration to DELFI ProdOps.
  • Reduce the risk of uncertainties for investment decisions, budgeting, and planning (resource maturation, portfolio, and financial) with consistent stage-gate approvals.
  • Guarantee security and entitlements to data, including reserves data.


Break decision-making silos

Enable a step change in your organization