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Provide reservoir engineers with collaborative reservoir characterization, development planning, and production evaluation to optimize reservoir performance.


Powered by Petrel Reservoir Engineering, Studio platform*, FluidModeler, and reservoir engineering plug-ins

  Visualization 2D, 3D, wells, maps and blending
  Geocellular modeling
  Reservoir engineering workflows
  Well planning/trajectory planning
  Well-to-well and tops correlation
  Mapping and volumetric generation
  Data integration and management 

*The Studio platform is included upon request for contracts with more than four committed Delfi Petrotechnical Suite users.


Powered by Petrel platform, Studio platform*, Techlog Reservoir Engineering, MEPO multiple realization optimizer, GeoX*, PetroModFluidModeler, and reservoir engineering plug-ins

  Reservoir engineer-based features
  Petroleum systems modeling (charge, trap, and seal)
  Advanced geocellular modeling
  Advanced reservoir modeling workflows
  Advanced fluids analysis
  Advanced geomechanics workflows
  Advanced reservoir engineering workflows
– Techlog plug-ins
– Easy well pattern design
– RapidPlan
– Upgridding utilities
– Hydraulic fracture modeling
– Formation testing data analysis
– Analysis of surface network models
– Waterflood analysis

*The Studio platform and GeoX software are included upon request for contracts with more than four committed Delfi Petrotechnical Suite users.


  Multiuser collaboration and multidisciplinary workflows in the Studio platform

Use the powerful set of tools in the Studio E&P knowledge platform to access information, collaborate with colleagues, and share knowledge, all within the context of the reservoir engineering workflow. Fully supporting the Petrel E&P software platform and Techlog wellbore software platform, the Studio platform enables multidisciplinary workflows and close collaboration for improved data integrity and administration.

  Advanced reservoir engineering workflows

Petrel Reservoir Engineering integrates the amount of interpreted data across disciplines to guide field development decisions. Geoscientists and engineers can create different strategies for well and well completion construction, develop injection/production strategies, and model the fluids that are in place or injected. They can also analyze production simulation, and conduct complex completion operating controls, and manage multiple uncertainty simulations.

  Data and cross-domain

The Petrel platform provides a shared vision of the subsurface from exploration to production. From the petroleum systems modeler, to the reservoir engineer and beyond, knowledge is captured and preserved. Geoscientists can evaluate risk, resource, and value the potential of exploration opportunities with the GeoX exploration risk, resource, and value assessment software. Integrate wellbore data with Techlog Reservoir Engineering.

  Industry-leading simulators

The workspace is linked to the ECLIPSE industry-reference reservoir simulator, the INTERSECT high-resolution reservoir simulator, and the FrontSim simulator, enabling the workspace to evaluate and re-evaluate the implications of development decisions in the reservoir model.

  Advanced fluids analysis

FluidModeler uses guided workflows in a modern, user-friendly interface to make SLB fluid science accessible. Make optimal reservoir decisions using the multiple model realizations approach with the MEPO multiple realization optimizer. With the Petrel Reservoir Engineering Extension Suite, engineers can select the representative geological models for the uncertainty assessment with the Hydraulic Fracture Modeler, material balance, and well event analysis.

  Powerful geomechanics

Consider the potential impact of subsurface stresses, rock deformation, and failure on field development and production operations, by simulating the geomechanical behavior of the reservoir and its surroundings.

  Access best science

Benefit from the most advanced geological plug-ins to extend reservoir engineering workflows with niche technology such as easy well pattern design, hydraulic fracture modeling, formation testing data analysis, analysis of surface network models, waterflood analysis, and the Techlog wellbore software platform plug-ins.

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