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Integrate electromagnetic, gravity, and magnetic data with geology, seismic, and well data in one platform.



Powered by Petrel Geoscience , Magnetotellurics, Electromagnetics, and Gravity Magnetic plug-ins

  Petrel Geoscience Core
–Visualization 2D, 3D, well, maps, and seismic blending
– Mapping and volumetrics generation
– Geocellular modeling
– Well planning and trajectory planning
– Data integration and management
   WesternGeco Multiphysics plug-in


  Data and cross-domain

The Petrel E&P software platform provides a full range of tools to solve the most complex structural and stratigraphic challenges, from regional exploration to reservoir development. Within a single platform, you can perform key geological workflows from stratigraphic and seismic interpretation through to geocellular property modeling.

With the Petrel platform you can analyze, interpret, and integrate 2D and 3D cross-domain data to solve a wide range of subsurface challenges—from data visualization to 3D geomechanical analysis.

  Integrate all E&P data in one platform with the Petrel Geoscience Core plug-in

The Petrel Geoscience Core plug-in enables you to build simple and complex earth models, perform volume calculations, plot accurate maps, store, and share automated workflows within your organization, and manage uncertainty throughout the field life cycle.

  Access Best Sciences

Benefit from the most advanced geophysical plug-ins to extend your workflows to perform advanced multiphysics workflows such as the Controlled Source Electromagnetics (CSEM), Magnetotellurics (MT), Gravity and Magnetic modules.

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